Surface Coring

Sharq Alshuruq has experience in surface coring drilling for mining exploration and construction and uses a wide global network combining a global team of surface coring experts with top-notch surface coring rigs and equipment.

You can count on Sharq Alshuruq for:

A complete range of core sizes, from NQ* to PQ* reaching up to 1200 m in NQ* size.

  1. Qualified crews
  2. Excellent core recovery rates
  3. Directional drilling techniques
  4. Core orientation and surveys
  5. Top performances

Sonic Drilling (Under Request)

Sonic Drilling equipment can be made available leveraging on partnerships with Sonic Drilling rigs producers, under request.
Sonic Drilling is an ideal technology assuring the highest possible recovery close to 100% without using water or other drilling fluids and with high penetration rate comparing to standard drilling techniques. Sonic drilling is ideal for the following applications:

  1. Drilling and sampling through unconsolidated and sandy formations
  2. Drilling in fractured hard rock
  3. Drilling in tailings
  4. Geotechnical and environmental surveys

Other Services

Sharq Alshuruq can provide also the following services:

  1. Manpower to perform Surface and Underground Coring services counting on a wide network of international drillers
  2. Directional Drilling services using wedging systems or downhole motors installed and operated by experienced directional drillers
  3. Experienced mining consultants on a global scale that could help our clients in coordinating turn-key exploration projects

*Q is a registered trademark of Boart Longyear.